Symphony of Movies – Tribute to Taiwanese Filmmakers

Symphony of Movies – Tribute to Taiwanese Filmmakers

Venue: Westside Church – 777 Homer St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2W1

Time: August 30 2014 (Saturday) 7:00pm – 9:30pm

When one of the most successful contemporary filmmakers in the world credited Taiwan for playing a vital role in winning his second Oscar in “Best Director”, the people of the island nation were almost in tears. Ang Lee, born and raised in Taiwan, has single handily elevated Taiwan’s film industry through his achievements. While Ang Lee’s success inspires people around the world, many Taiwanese filmmakers have also reinvented the Taiwanese film industry. Director Te-Sheng Wei, who surprised everyone with his 2008 release – “Cape No. 7“, is one of the most successful Taiwanese directors. TAIWANfest, in conjunction with Maestro Ken Hsieh, a Canadian born Taiwanese conductor, is presenting the first ever “Symphony of Movies” – paying tributes to Taiwanese filmmakers and more. Other selections in the concert will include Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain and two of Taiwanese legendary films, Heroic Pioneers and Red Dust.

In conjunction with the collaboration with Maestro Ken Hsieh, TAIWANfest would like to continue its disciplines in collaborating with Pili Puppetry. Derived originally from glove puppets, it has created a phenomenon in the world of television, film and animation. Come join us in a evening to reminisce on the movies through laughter, tears, joy, and happiness!

Conductor: Ken Hsieh

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