Alain Mayrand

Composer Laureate

Alain is composer laureate with the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra after holding the composer-in-residence position for the past 3 years.  Ken Hsieh, the VMO’s music director, says of the composer

“Alain is one of the most truly gifted composers of this generation who composes music that incorporates lots of contemporary elements and yet manages to attract both the musicians and audiences, which is very rare today.”

Alain’s music combines elements of funk, jazz and rock along with his love of contemporary music to create a forceful and vivid style. This comes from years playing guitar in rock and jazz bands before he plunged body and soul into contemporary music, earning his Master’s degree in composition and bachelor’s in piano. He has also studied flute, cello, classical guitar and percussion.

Alain’s music has been performed and recorded by The Ramat-Gan Orchestra (Israel), The Russian State Symphony Orchestra, The Evergreen Orchestra (Taiwan), the SMG Festival Orchestra (Ireland), The Troy University Concert Band (Alabama) and many others.

Also working in film, following a childhood passion, Alain’s orchestral score for the “The Legend of Silk Boy” starring Jackie Chan was one of the best reviewed score of that year, surpassing most Hollywood blockbusters. Recently he was orchestrator and conductor for the major motion picture “Elysium” starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster coming out in August 2013.

Alain resides in Burnaby BC with his wife and two young boys.
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