Dominic Woo


A native of Korea, Concertmaster Dominic Woo is an active solo violin player both in Canada and Europe. Winning the 2nd Prize in 2007 Padova International competition, Dominic was a member of Jenaer philharmonie orchestra in Jena, Germany and currently the concertmaster of the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra.

Dominic began his musical training with violin at age of six with Prof. J.K. Song in Korea. After his immigration to Canada, he furthered his studies on the violin with Mr. Arthur Ludwig Polson. In Canada, Dominic was a top prize winner in many musical competitions such as the ‘96 North American Star Quest.

Dominic has earned his bachelor’s degree in music from the Musik Hochschule Felix Mendelssohn Bartholy in Leipzig where he studied violin with Prof. Ulrich Klupsch. Throughout his years in Musik Hochschule, he was appointed as a concertmaster under the baton of legendary conductors such as Kurt Masur and Fabio Luisi.

In the season 2001, Dominic has been giving concerts throughout Europe, including Italy, Germany, Hungary, Russia and Switzerland with the chamber orchestra “l’seidici” as of 1st violin tutti/solo player.

With his Mendelssohn haus debut in Leipzig, Germany in 2004, Dominic was appointed as concertmaster of the music school and associate concertmaster of ARS chamber orchestra of Leipzig. During his Leipzig period, he has also been working with worldly renowned orchestras such as “Gewandhaus Orchester zur Leipzig”.

In the year 2008, Dominic has received both in performance and teaching degree in Musik Hochschule Leipzig and was assigned as an assistant Professor from his teacher Prof. Ulrich Klupsch.

With the graduation, he has auditioned and accepted for both Orchestra Academy position in Musikhochschule “Franz Liszt” Weimar and also for Konzertexamen degree in Musikhochschule “Carl-Maria Webber” Dresden. In the last season, he was selected in the Konzertexamen ensemble in Dresden Musikhochschule and appointed for a concertmaster. In Dresden Musikhochschule, Dominic has studied with a Gramophone award winner Professor John Holloway and graduated with top honors.

Dominic frequently gives concerts and Masterclasses in Europe, Asia and North America and also teaches violin in New Westminster, Canada.

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