About the VMO


The VMO’s mission is threefold:

to inspire the musical and personal development of talented post-graduate musicians by providing unparalleled opportunities and mentorship; to advocate for continual development and involvement in classical music as a mentor to young musicians; to enrich the cultural foundation of our community through thoughtful, live performance.


The Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra is a non-profit society founded by Maestro Kenneth Hsieh. Since its inception in 2003, the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra (VMO) has been dedicated to providing superior orchestral mentorship for talented music graduates, helping them move from student to professional.

The VMO is dedicated to the artistic, personal and professional development of outstanding young musicians. We strongly believe that by providing such development opportunities, we are preparing our young musicians for leadership opportunities in orchestras and ensembles around the world, and empowering them to enrich the cultural life of their communities.

Our Dedication

The VMO is dedicated to the artistic, personal and professional development of outstanding young musicians. We create opportunities for talented young musicians to perform with the mentorship of seasoned professionals in front of live audiences. These are opportunities these young gifted musicians may not have otherwise had. We see the untapped potential in people caught between being professional musicians and music students. Many of these young musicians need a stepping-stone to embark on their professional musical career, and that’s what we do.

Development Opportunities

The VMO provides:

Mentorship of experienced professional musicians via live, public performances, instructional seminars, classes and workshops led by experts within the music profession.

In the past eleven years, the VMO has helped launch the careers of many young talents who are now performing with renowned musical organizations around the world.

As a testimonial to the success of the VMO, many of our alumni have continued their involvement with the organization by becoming a VMO mentor.

Our Programme

We perform music from the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods. We also perform contemporary and popular music in special concerts with opera companies, choirs, and traditional folk music groups. Our choice of repertoire focuses on music that is commonly asked for in Orchestra Auditions.