VMO Alumni Network

Around the world, former VMO colleagues stay in touch with our organization, reconnect with other alumni and continue to make valuable industry connections through our Alumni Program.

Whether alumni have moved on from the VMO to advance their careers or explore other opportunities, they are never truly “lost” to the organization. Most people value the time with the organization, the friends they have made as well as the skills they’ve learned and the opportunities which the VMO provided them.

We are proud of the achievements of all VMO alumni because your success is also our success. The VMO Alumni Network recognizes the past, present and future contributions of VMO fellows, coaches and staff.

Stay in touch with us and:

  • Connect with alumni who are making a difference in the music profession worldwide
  • Expand your knowledge and opportunities with the latest events from the VMO
  • Become a VMO ambassador in your community and help us articulate VMO’s impact and benefits to music students and the community
  • Register today by sending us your name and email address to [email protected] and become part of our VMO Alumni Network.