Esther Hwang

“I truly appreciate that the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra and Maestro Ken Hsieh provided me a big stage at Michael J. Fox theatre. I was deeply impressed by the VMO’s amazing performance an it was a great pleasure and honor for me to play with the VMO. I happily declare that, through the performance with the VMO, an unforgettable moment and experience was added to my life.”

Qiao Wang

“The experience has been very exciting and rewarding. The concert and the opportunity to play with the VMO has allowed me to grow professionally. It has taught me how to focus, prepare and deliver a successful performance. I appreciate the vigorous marketing the VMO has done to promote me and my talent. They have inspired me to keep performing and to keep growing as a musician.”

Evet Bo-kyoung Kim (Toronto Sinfonietta and Toronto Korean Symphony Orchestra)

“As a founding member of the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra, I have been blessed to perform both as a soloist and a member of the orchestra. When Ken Hsieh proposed his idea of an orchestra which trains young musicians to work in a professional setting, I was very excited and honored that I could be a part of it. The experience I have received from the VMO have helped me enormously as I grew to be a professional musician. I was a university student when I first joined the orchestra, and to be given an opportunity to learn from mentors and play with them was truly an unique and learning experience. As I went on to complete the Master’s degree from Cleveland Institute of Music, I was happily surprised that the experience from the VMO has helped me grow as a better musician. As a member of a professional orchestra and an active musician now, I am greatful for the unique opportunity that the VMO has given me. I am looking forward to the further growth of the orchestra.”

James Robertson (Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra)

“My time with the VMO was a great experience. Blending the ranks with a mix of semi-professional and UBC students gave the group a unique flavour not found anywhere else in the lower mainland. I got to play my first Nutcracker with the Goh Ballet, piano concertos with a number of soloists and was allowed to explore my capabilities and limits in a supportive setting. I can only hope the less experienced members were able to take advantage of the opportunity to the same extent!”

Sabrina Tsou (Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra)

“My VMO experience consists of lasting memories of a fantastic time centered on beautiful, inspiring music and passionate orchestra members.It was such a great pleasure to be part of it! Wish the upcoming concert a resounding success, continue to promote performing arts and to share the wonderful, high quality performances.”

Kaori Otake

“VMO is a very good opportunity for students to experience what orchestra is like after graduating from University, College or Music School. VMO has been comfortable and friendly environment to work with. Ken and other conductors I have worked with as a soloist, as well as doing Nutcracker and being a part of orchestra has been a great experience for me and was very easy to work with. VMO sounds professional and I recommend any musicians who are looking for a real orchestra experience to join VMO.”

Pius Cheung (Assisstant Professor, University of Oregon)

“Under the direction of Maestro Heish, the VMO is an inspiring ensemble to work with and listen to!”